Another Reason to Praise the Lord

I try to find a reason to praise the Lord for every event in my life…good and bad.  Today I faced a really bad one…going in for one of those medical tests where they send you through a tube to take a picture of your innards.

In case you’ve escaped these modern torture chambers, let me explain.  Before you go in, you have to drink two big bottles of this chalky semi-liquid stuff.  If you’re able to keep at least half of it down and don’t drop dead, you go in, bringing your signed affidavit that you understand the 500 or so side effects that can happen.

But don’t worry.  The chances of anything happening is like winning the lottery, but in case you’re lucky, you can’t sue them because they’ve warned you.

In only about 5% of the time do these tests show something, ranging from something that can be easily treated to something that can’t be treated at all.  The other 95% shows nothing.  But don’t worry…they have another even more brutal test you can take.

So I praise God for these medical tests, and for all the doctors, nurses, and technicians who battle disease and suffering with all they have.

I praise God for a husband who’s always kept me in sickness and in health.  I praise God for a family who carries me through these times, and sometimes that’s a hard job.

I praise God for a Church family who prays for me.

I especially praise the Lord for His promise to be with me no matter what the outcome.

Walking in the Spirit

There’s a lot in this world I don’t understand, but one thing that has baffled me all my life is why people accept Jesus as their savior yet don’t walk in the Spirit…or keep it a secret, if they do.

It’s easy to see how we might fall into that trap.  Our modern age is compartmentalized.  Every activity has its place.  Monday through Friday we go to work (if we’re fortunate enough to have a job), sandwich in a few hours for family and friends, do business, housework or yard work on Saturday, then take in the entertainment of our choice.  Sunday, we go to church or sleep in, and do what we want the rest of the day.

For millions of people, that’s the routine.

We also seem to be able to take on or put off God as the need arises.  If we’re in trouble, we pray.  If things are going good, it’s easy to forget.  We praise the Lord in church in song, prayer, and sermons.  As soon as we leave, we get on with the mundane events of life as if God is still back in the church building.

About two years ago, I decided to write a novel.  I’ve been writing on and off for over 30 years, so I wasn’t surprised when the characters of my story rushed in and took over my imagination.  But a wonderful thing happened this time.  The heroine was a woman who truly walked in the Spirit, and somewhere in the writing process, I learned how to walk in the Spirit too.

That’s what this blog is about…describing the ordinary events of my life and showing how the Spirit inspires and comforts me.  Facing doubts and fears and seeing what the Spirit thinks about it.  Confronting long held beliefs that seem a little off and listening to what the Spirit says.  Looking deeper into the fabric of the world to see how it’s made and how it works as the Spirit teaches.

This is my way to witness to the world wide web.  It’s my hope that someone out there will invite the Holy Spirit into every nook and cranny of his or her life, as I have.

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