Called to Suffer

Gastroenteritis is an insidious disease.  It can cause reflux of the stomach and colitis in the intestines.  I’ve had both, but mostly my condition moves just below the radar, not showing up on any test.  In the thirty years I’ve had this disease, and after dozens of tests, only twice has anything shown up to call for treatment.

Regardless, it flares up without warning, causing pain and limiting food choices.  It’s hard to even sit at a computer when you have colic pain in the back.  It’s hard to prepare meals for your family when all you can eat is boiled potatoes and poached fish.

About all you can really count on with this disease is to suffer through one attack at the time.

Even during these times I can glorify God.  Suffering has a way of keeping you close to Him.  I believe suffering can be a blessing, and that the Lord has promised not to make us endure more than we’re able.  I’m comforted to remember that the time suffering will end, and that I’m not alone.

During these flares, I pray for everyone suffering with this horrible disease.


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