New Release – Pursued, Book 1, Intrigue under Western Skies


The book that changed my life.

Other than the Bible, of course.

The common thread of every story is a struggle between good and evil. Some are subtle, some blatant, but all boil down to this theme. Christian fiction focuses on God as the force of good.

My newest release, Pursued, is no different. But to me, it was an epiphany. It changed my life

In the fall of 2011, after finishing Jeannette Oke’s series, I decided to renew my writing career after a ten-year hiatus and focus on Christian fiction. Taking it to prayer, I asked if it was the Lord’s will, to send me a new story—and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, make it a western, since I already had two shelves of research books on the subject.

Then I went to play golf with my husband.

By the twelfth hole, I had an entire series swirling in my head. From that moment, for over a year, the story of Carianne and Rhyan consumed my life, twenty-four, seven. Ask my family. In a way, it changed them too.

I was no longer the anxiety ridden grandmother, not knowing what my purpose was in retirement, but rather, became as spiritually confident as Carianne, as willing to face evil as Rhyan.

I’m not the most skilled writer in the world, but the Lord delights in giving incredible tasks to the weakest vessel, doesn’t he?

Pursued might not change the reader’s life as it did mine, but it does reveal the struggle of good and evil in a new light. Sprinkled along the way, it touches on profound truths, from the theological view of a Christian to the scientific view of an atheist, as these two very different characters accept the fact that evil can’t be avoide

Indeed, evil shouldn’t be avoided, but rather, identified, faced, and resisted. And we should rejoice in the opportunity to do so. In the end, that’s the only way we can prove our love.

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