My commentary is called the Salty Senior because I hope my words will sprinkle a little savor over the world.  The comments may sometimes be a little edgy, sometimes a little humorous, but hopefully always uplifting.  I’ll also be passing on information I know will be helpful to all.  The next several months I’ll be researching health care.  I have two chronic diseases, so that’s a big concern of mine. If I find anything useful, I’ll mention it.

I’m a retired Air Force (civilian) accountant living with my husband, Robert, and bichon-poodle mix, Buffy, in Warner Robins, Georgia.  My interests are varied.  I enjoy reading and writing Christian historical romances and inspirational commentary, golf, sewing, crocheting, knitting, politics, history, science and mathematics.  I attend church regularly, and God is the center of my life.  I’m proud of the good job my daughter is doing rearing my three wonderful grandchildren.  God and my family make up the inner circle of my life, but I want to reach out with understanding and love to others.

I’ve never been outgoing, so maybe this blog will be a good vehicle for me to share my thoughts with others, to take my candle out from under the basket, so to speak, and lift it up for the world to see.  My blog will have three items – a daily commentary on a variety of topics or a response to another blogger, a recommendation block which will be a shout-out of appreciation to people who’ve inspired me, and another block called Walking in the Spirit.


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  1. Elaine, I’m a freelance writer with The Telegraph in Macon. Could we speak on the phone sometime soon so I can ask you a few questions about your new book and other works? I look forward to hearing from you!

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