New Series, the Wolf Deceivers

I recently began a new series entitled The Wolf Deceivers.

Who are the Wolf Deceivers? They are the ones who stalk around the perphery of society, picking off the young and vulnerable who stray too far from the fold. Though they ensnare their victims in plain sight, and their intentions are obvious, people refuse to believe what they see and hear. Perhaps that’s why Jesus spoke to those who had ears to hear and eyes to see.

The first book in this series is The Chieftain’s Choice, set in eighteenth century Scotland. As in all of these books, the villains are easy to identify. But take note of the people who admire them. Why they do is as baffling as the behavior of the deceived of today.

The Chieftain’s Choice

Alana McWayre is a lovely, docile lass of noble lineage, but no man will offer her marriage. She is the daughter of a notorious traitor who decimated the clan during a post-Jacobite uprising. Having grown up lonely and unloved, she’s astonished when the dying and much revered chieftain of Clan Carmichael chooses her to wed his younger son. She’s perplexed when the older son and heir, Gavin Carmichael, arrives to claim her as his bride. Hasn’t her beautiful cousin, Vanora, the heiress of Gilmour Hall, boasted since girlhood she will marry Gavin to enjoin their bordering lands?

Gavin expects nothing more from his arranged marriage to Alana than a compliant wife who will produce the future heir and an escape from her malicious, deceitful cousin. He underestimates Vanora’s schemes, however. Trouble erupts between the Carmichael and Gilmour clans. With rumors swirling of tainted blood and witchcraft, Alana becomes a prisoner in her own home.

Attacks on his wife stir Gavin’s protective nature, and his feelings quickly turn to love. But it will take a higher power to save Alana from the evil hidden behind the walls of Gilmour Hall.

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