Summer Produce Savings

But others fell on good ground and yielded a crop; some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. Matthew 13:8

The food budget is being pinched in all areas but none more than produce. Aside from the normal inflation, floods and draughts have depleted supplies. Here in the middle of summer local crops are coming in. We’d be foolish not to take advantage of fresh produce in our own backyards and the farmer’s market.

Back in April I had a post about saving on the food budget by growing your own produce. Obviously you have a big advantage if you have a garden. But if you don’t, take advantage of those who do, and put up those fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy all year. Yes, I mean canning and freezing your 3 (2)

Pick It If You Can

We used to go to the blueberry farm every year and picked at least a bushel or two. I stored them in the bottom bin of my refrigerator and they kept for two months. The rest I froze. Some farmers let people pick their own peas, corn, tomatoes, and beans, peaches and berries. The cost is much less than you’ll find in the frozen food section. But the real benefit is the freshness.

Get out the mason jars and can. It’s time consuming but not hard. Home canned foods don’t have all the preservatives and salt. They don’t have to have a shelf life of ten years, so they’re healthier and taste much better.

Adjust Your Diet

If you’ve been thinking of going on a diet, there’s no better time than when fruits and vegetables are in abundance. Did I mention fresh tastes better? I can’t believe people would eat those pre-packaged meals in some diet plans. So it takes more effort to gather and prepare your own. You’ll learn what good eating really is. And guess what? You’ll consume fewer calories.

Visit your farmer’s market every week in the summer. There’s more than salads there. Get out your recipe books. Add several servings of fruits and vegetables to your family’s meals. They’ll all feel better—and you’ll lose weight. I guarantee 1 (4)

Savings All Year

Buy more fresh produce than your family needs for the week and put up the rest—freezing or canning. Freezing takes little time, and in my opinion the best way to preserve fruits. The refrigerator freezer won’t provide adequate space, so buy a freezer. They are relatively inexpensive, and will pay for themselves the first year. With the money you save on produce, buy half a cow, a pig, chickens, and freeze them.

There’s not much more satisfying to have a freezer full of food for fall and winter. Let the food prices fluctuate.

Convenience Vs Money

It all comes down to a question of convenience versus money, doesn’t it? Maybe in this modern age we’ve forgotten to appreciate effort. It might help to remember the more important things we could do with our money than spend it on inferior, unhealthy food.

I won’t be posting next week. This is the time to spend our annual vacation money.

Here’s a site for free books, if you need a beach read.

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