Exploitation of Women on This Mother’s Day

I have many fond memories of my mother. I have many fond thoughts about being a mother, but oddly on this Mother’s Day I’m burdened by darker thoughts.

You’d think the nightmare was over after the three young women escaped from that horror house in Ohio. For thousands, perhaps millions of women, the nightmare continues. Those few who escape are replaced by many more who fall into bondage.

That’s what I’m thinking of on this beautiful Mother’s Day– the exploitation of women. It happens in the sex slave trade all over the world, including this country. It happens everyday, and unless it catches the press’s attention, no one knows. The exploiters are not madmen. They look and act like your next door neighbor. Rarely do these exploiters act alone. They are businessmen, financiers, and clergymen. They often have the support of governments and religions. It seems the devil takes special delight in torturing women because of their vulnerability.

This didn’t start yesterday, but as soon as Eve stepped out of Eden into the fallen world. God knew what women faced. He created marriage to protect women and their children. In the natural world a woman would have to depend on her husband.

God intended for one man and one woman be bonded for a lifetime in love. It didn’t take man long to circumvent that by sanctioning multiple wives and divorce. But as Jesus said, God permitted these laws only because of the hardness of men’s hearts.

Before the flood, even the demonic angels exploited women. Whether these women’s fathers gave them over to the angels or they were dragged off, one thing is certain. The women had no choice.

Only in the very recent past have women been permitted a say in who they married. That quaint tradition of the father giving the bride away was a real practice for thousands of years. A woman was owned either by her father or her husband. In many regimes and religions that rule of law still exists.

There is no freedom for women–or anyone else for that matter–outside of Christ. Jesus never condemned any woman, though He had harsh words for a number of men. No wonder it was the women who stuck with Him at the end.

If you are married to a loving man as I am, or live as an independent single woman, thank God, but spare a prayer for those women who live under oppression without Christ, not knowing any better, not expecting anyone to care.

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