A Point in Time

Time is one of those things everyone knows… but no one really knows. To us it’s a compilation of memories of moments from the past and moments imagined in our future. Our consciousness only occurs in the present. To God there is no time as we measure it. I don’t think we’ll even be aware of time in heaven.

In John, Chapter 7 Jesus had an argument with His natural brothers. They wanted Him to go to the Feast of Tabernacles in Judea. Jesus knew those in Judea hated Him and would speed up the time of His death. He ended the argument by refusing to go, saying, “My time has not yet fully come.” Unlike us, He knew His mission and the time when He would accomplish that mission.

God mercifully keeps us ignornant of the time of our death, but each of us has a mission to accomplish before that death. The timing of our mission is choreographed by God. If we’re close to Him, we’ll know when it’s time to accomplish our mission.

But let’s face it, most of us are not as attuned to God as we should be. Maybe those missed opportunities were simply times when we didn’t recognize His urging. Maybe we got ahead of ourselves and stumbled face first like a toddler learning to walk. Fortunately for us, God understands we toddle.

Regardless of when the time is right to carry out our mission, it’s certain we should be prepared. We must know what the mission is and be waiting patiently for God’s perfect timing.

On this Easter day, I’m so glad Jesus knew His mission and was willing to carry it out. Because of that, my mission won’t be as difficult to accomplish. Because of Jesus, I need not regret the past, nor fear the future.

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