Bringing Young Women Back to Church

The church is losing young women at a time when the culture is leading them into depravity and despair. The fault can be laid at the churches who are so focused on New Testament Church teachings about women that they fail to realize their responsibility is to lead the lost to Christ.
The most basic of needs is to believe you have worth. That’s what draws people to Christ. He taught that God loves us all equally. But the church makes it clear young women aren’t worth much. Most of the leaders are men because women have no authority and really shouldn’t be speaking. Workers are men, married women or widows indeed. Special events leave young women out. I attended a church once who called men and boys to the alter as if being male allowed you special priviledge. How do you think that would make a young single mother feel? She doesn’t think too highly of men anyway. Another church held a men’s breakfast. My granddaughter asked me when they’d have a women’s breakfast. From the mouth of a babe.
Divorced and single women who have children, the ones with the greatest need, are ignored. What do these women and girls do? They turn to the government. The Democrats won the last election because they were the only ones who seemed to care about these women. It may be too late to win them because modern culture treats them like a piece of meat ready to be gobbled up, but there’s no where else to go.
Why is it important to win these women? Because they are breeding generation after generation of the same. They don’t know what it’s like to have a devoted father or husband. For them, men come and go, leaving nothing but another child. They’re not all poor. The elite liberals have it all figured out. I read a post the other day from one of these railing out at Christianity because she’d heard of some obscure verse in the old testament that allowed the rape of a man’s daughter. I don’t know which verse she referred to because those people never actually read the Bible, but it’s easy to understand because when the books of Moses were written, society treated women one step above cattle. Remember what Jesus said about that, when the heckler said Moses gave the law of divorce. Jesus said it was given because of the hardness of men’s hearts, not because it was God’s will. Then He explained that God wanted the man and woman to be one in a marriage. There are many of such scripture given because of the hardness of our hearts and the culture of the times, but the libertines will use them in their hatred of God, and we sit back and let them without so much as mentioning the teachings of Jesus.
If you wish to know how women should be treated, read the gospels. One of those churches I mentioned above, holds an oil change for single women occasionally. The place is swamped. I’m sure if that was followed up with one on one ministry, many of those women would come to Christ. Especially if they were made to feel as worthy of God’s love as men and married women.

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