The Six Senses of Christmas

If God hadn’t given us the five senses, we wouldn’t know that anything exists. Never mind that we wouldn’t know He exists. We wouldn’t know we exist. The closest a person comes to that state is called coma.
Jesus said that people have ears but don’t hear, and eyes, but don’t see. If you want the exact words, look it up in Matt 13:13. So many of us walk around like we’re in a coma.
At Christmas more people seem to open their eyes and ears. Everyone sees a world decorated in honor of the Christ Child. People who don’t even believe will do Him homage. They’ll look upon a snow laden landscape as a thing of beauty instead of a mess to travel through. They’ll hear the bell-ringers and open up their wallets for charity, perhaps for the first time all year. They’ll see excitement in the eyes of a child and hear carols still popular after hundreds of years, and their hearts will be stirred with memories of a time when their hearts were tender.
Christmas demands all the senses. I brought in a cedar tree this year just for the smell that evoked memories of childhood Christmases. Think of all the other smells…cookies baking, turkey baking…anything baking, those pungent spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.
That leads to taste. Sweet fudge, peppermint. Savory turkey, ham, dressing. Smooth mashed potatoes or custards. Crunchy apples, tart oranges. All taste better at Christmas.
Touch…the feel of cold, ice, snow, wind on your face. Heat from an open fire or an oven door, the warmth of a welcoming home. The softness of a child’s cheek, a puppy’s fur, a lover’s kiss.
It takes all five senses to take in the wonder of Christmas…no, it takes more. Those who believe in the Lord experience so much more than can be taken in by the five senses.
Christmas releases a love that reaches out just as God did when He sent His Son, a love that transcends understanding and changes hearts.
Who knows how many senses we’ll have in heaven, but there’s bound to be many. All those things we didn’t understand will come into crystal clarity. We’ll be struck by the wonder of it all.
Some of us get a little hint of what that will be like at Christmas.

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