When is Fall Coming to Georgia?

No one can appreciate fall better than a Georgian.  O.K., maybe some of the other southern states…but I doubt it…though Charleston, SC, Montgomery, AL, and New Orleans, LA, are in the running.  Georgia receives humid air from both the Gulf and the Atlantic.  Of course, Florida does too, but Flordia doesn’t get a real fall.

At this time of year when cool breezes should be blowing, the sticky air lays stagnant.  Going outside is like walking into a sauna, or as my mother used to say, walking in pea soup.  Can this be global warming?  Maybe.  Climate changes over time, and not necessarily because of carbon emissions.  Nature causes climate change.  It’s nothing to get excited about.  God has it all under control.  Notice how fair minded God is?  If you choose to live in a cold climate, you don’t have to endure this hot sticky air, but you will have to plough through snow in winter, and although we Georgians have to put up with heat half the year, we rarely have to deal with snow.

I’m old enough to remember the days before air conditioning.  There were fans, but they just moved hot air around.  All you could do was sweat and drink iced tea, or sweat and drink iced colas, or sweat and drink iced water, or sweat and…  You get the picture.

Regardless of the fan’s inefficiency, the box window fan was worth its weight in gold (even at today’s gold prices).  As the night cooled, it drew in refreshing air.  By six o’clock in the morning, it was actually comfortable.  Unfortunately that state didn’t last but about two hours.

I’m glad those days are gone, but creature comforts like air conditioning may have changed the world for the worse.  The more comfortable we get, the more emphasis we put on the flesh, and the less on the Spirit.  God made it clear to Adam that he’d have to sweat to feed himself.  God obviously didn’t intend for us to get too comfortable in this sinful world.

Today, farmers drive over their fields in air-conditioned tractors.  But no matter how far advanced technology and science is, we still sweat, a good reminder that we don’t want to die and go to a place that’s any hotter.

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