Where is Christian Love?

A soldier returns from Iraq.  The war and the Lord have changed his life.  He wants to do something for veterans who’ve fallen through the cracks…jobless, addicted, homeless.

The church he’s joined offers him a building to start his ministry, but just as he’s getting started, he’s involved in an accident that leaves him almost incapacitated.  He’s dismissed from the hospital, but needs help caring for his injuries for a while.  Not being able to afford a nurse, he asks for help on social media.  His mother travels half way across the country to care for him.

There’s many lessons we can take from this story.  A new Christian is led to help his fellow veterans.  The church has generously donated to his cause.  A mother’s love is great.

But there’s something missing from this picture.  Why did the mother have to travel half way across the country to help her son?  Where was the church?  Had they already done enough by giving the young man a means to carry out his mission?  Did they know he needed help?  Did the young man ask for their help?  Why not?  Why did he even have to ask?

I’m afraid many churches have grown cold in this age.  We don’t know each other…not really…and because we don’t know each other, we don’t love each other.

Churches set up this program and that group, each made up of good intentions and a lot of bureaucratic rules for how we relate to each other.  There’s little time or effort made to getting to know each other…to really know each other, you know, the feelings and circumstances that make up the person.

The average church goer has little chance to learn much more than a person’s name and what he thinks about a particular Bible verse.  Yes, we have our friends, but shouldn’t every believer be a friend?

I believe if we make our needs and problems known, the church would pray for us.  Some might find a way in their rules to provide money or assistance.  Visiting is mainly left up to the pastor these days.  It’s his job.

I’m not sure how often we see a need and move by nothing but love to reach out to another.  But how can we reach a world with God’s love if we don’t show love to one another?

It’s not that we don’t have the capacity to love.  If we hear of a tornado hitting another town, we are spurred into action to help any way we can.  Yet there may be someone sitting beside us on the church pew who’s facing a problem greater than a tornado…and we don’t even know it.

I wish I had a solution.  Jesus deserves more from His Church.

2 thoughts on “Where is Christian Love?

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  1. Unfortunately your observation rings true. We often get so ‘busy’ that we fail to get to know fellow believers who have needs we could meet. I’m reminded of the verse in John, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another,” (13:35). Thanks for this challenging post, Elaine! God bless~


    1. Maria,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve been exploring ways to get to know my fellow Church members other than the usual socials that just result in a lot of small talk. If you hear of any suggestions, please let me know. Blessings, Elaine


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