How to Influence a Man

While researching the Wild West for the setting of a novel, I discovered something interesting.  The West was civilized by women.

Women were rare in the early days of U.S. Western exploration.  The men came to mine, trap, herd cattle, and generally reek havoc.  Lawlessness abounded.  The only women, besides Indian squaws who had no influence, were the prostitutes who followed mining camps or lived above saloons.  Hardly the type of women you’d call on to civilize men.

Then, God bless American ingenuity, someone got the idea to start a match making service to provide brides for the wild men.  (And probably made a tidy sum in the process.)

The husband-hungry women came in droves, and made their position clear.  “Before you take me into your little sod house, mister, you’ll put a ring on my finger, and by the way, put away your six-shooter and get out there and plow up the land so you can feed us and the younguns, if you ever expect to have any.”

Oh, wait a minute.  They didn’t say that.  They didn’t have to.  Their reputation preceded them because almost everyone of those women had to affirm that they were of good moral standing.  The men knew what was expected of them.

Soon enough, the women demanded (in a nice way, I’m sure) that the law be brought in so they could feel safe to walk on the streets.  They demanded schools for their younguns.  They started to attend church.  The men, not wanting to be seen not leading their families, trotted along.  Don’t ask.  That’s just the way it is.

So, if you see a man behaving like a wild man, you can bet it’s because there is no woman in his life to influence him.  If you don’t believe that, look at the Middle East today where women have no influence at all.  Groups of men regularly get together to whoop and holler and shoot each other like all wild men do.

God gave woman to man, not just to keep him company.  He created marriage, knowing that the woman would influence the man to become civilized.  Marriage was created for the protection of the woman, and divorce was allowed because of the hardness of men’s hearts.  I didn’t say that, Jesus did.

Just remember the women who won the West, ladies.  They had a reputation that demanded respect.  You can’t get respect from a man if you allow him to treat you like a doormat…and you can’t get respect by throwing yourself at him without marriage either.  And if you have no respect, you can’t influence him.

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  1. How very true! I love your article. I have been telling my oldest son to settle down. He is one of those guys who needs a good woman to keep him straight and narrow. Much like his father was. Lol…. I have been married 36 years and I am blessed with an old school Latino husband who knows he would be lost without me.( I say the same.) We are one in Christ Jesus.


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