September 12

When we recall the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001, we forget that a miracle occurred on September 12.  Overnight we turned from a nation of mean-spirited, squabbling children to one united against a common enemy.

Love poured out for each other and country.  Churches were filled.  Our own selfish desires were put on the back burner for a moment as we sought to think of the good of all.

What happened?  The memory of the American people seems to be about as long as a flea.  Maybe it’s because we live in a culture that waits for the next news cycle or YouTube sensation.  Whatever the reason we forget as easily as a ninety-two year old alzheimer patient.

Our country seems to be on a precipice.  We look to the government to save us, but Congress can’t agree on anything, the President won’t compromise.  Enemies want to destroy everyone who don’t hold their distorted beliefs even if it means destroying themselves at the same time.  Everyone has drawn a line in the sand and are huffing, daring someone to cross over.

While I’m talking about it, why can’t the government compromise?  That’s the foundation for our three branches of government.  Why can’t the Republicians agree to a tax raise for the wealthy…the real wealthy, not $250,000, but how about $2.5 Million.  What would it hurt?  They say it will send jobs overseas, but let’s face it, companies that make millions in profits are already going overseas.  This would at least take away the Democrats‘ talking point.  How about it, Democrats?  Can’t you compromise to reduce tax loop-holes for all, not just those who give to your campaign?  Be reasonable.

And Democrats, why can’t you compromise on revising the health care system to include tort reform and allowing competition over state lines?  Can’t you compromise on increasing energy production?  Republicians, can’t you compromise on reasonable protections for the environment?  Can’t you both sit down and reason together?

Unfortunately, it takes a 9/11 to cause people to think about others as they did on 9/12.  The government can’t save us.  If we can’t love each other every day, there is no hope.

Jesus told us the solution over 2,000 years ago.  Love the Lord with all my heart and your neighbor as yourself.   That’s all we have to do to save the country, but in a democrary, that requires that over half of us love each other.

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