Happy Together

My husband talked me into playing golf the other day.  I like playing golf, especially with him, but I was reluctant.  It was drizzling rain, and the heat index was already up to 90.  But I was feeling rather well, and I’d already put him off a couple of times.  Anyway, he assured me he’d checked with Weather Scan and the rain would stop before we got there.

It was raining harder when we arrived at the course, but Robert is a die-hard golfer, and the rain made it feel cooler, so we started the game.  There were only two other nuts on the links, so we practically owned the place.

I’m famous for my “worm-burners” where the ball runs across the grass at a good clip.  I knew that strategy wouldn’t work because the grass was so saturated a ball wouldn’t roll more than a few feet.  I’d have to get the ball up in the air and hope it went straight.

After the third hole, the rain stopped.  I made two pars, but that was off-set by the other 16 holes where my score was somewhere between 2 and 12 over par.  Robert said I won, but I think he was just encouraging me so I’d come back another time.  We don’t even keep score.  It’s just a time to be together and enjoy each other’s company.

It’s important for couples to do things together, and you can think of more than one thing if you put your mind to it.  A husband and wife have different roles in a marriage, but they’re still one unit.  Couples usually do share the bad times, the difficulties of life, but sharing pleasant activities is a good way to enjoy each other and bond.

Of course, I’ve heard that some powerful arguments can erupt out on the golf course.  Fortunately, Robert and I don’t take it that seriously.

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