Time for Confrontation

Our practically new lawn mower died recently.  I’d wanted to save my husband the trouble of cutting the front lawn, but the mower wouldn’t start.  I checked the gas, the oil, primed it…nothing.  Since that’s about the extent of my knowledge, I had to give up and drag Robert up from his nap.

It wouldn’t work for him either.  “It has to go back,” he announced.

I hate confrontations, especially with merchants.  My husband thrives on it.  He has boldness and tenacity, and sometimes gets into shouting matches with merchants.

“Shouldn’t we try something,” I argued.  “Look at the manual, maybe?”

Ladies, don’t even try to tell your husbands anything about machinery.  He shoved the mower in the trunk of the car and sped off, leaving me to pray he wouldn’t get arrested.

Sometimes confrontations are necessary.  You have to stand up for your rights, to right wrongs, confront evil head-on as Jesus did when He took a whip to the money changers, even though He knew what was awaiting Him.

There are consequences for confronting evil, which is probably why I hate it.  Still it has to be done.  I hope we all remember that the next time we witness someone being bullied, or God being disparaged, or a politician spouting lies, or even when someone recommends a disgusting television show.

Silence is usually taken as approval.

Incidentally, the merchant took the mower back.

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