The Truth about Spiders

My granddaugthter came running into the house the other day all excited.  I couldn’t tell whether something terrible had happened or something very good.  Her eyes were wide, but her voice held laughter (but then her voice always holds laughter).  “There’s a big, really, really big spider by your house.”

I scurried outside with her.  Sure enough, it was a really, really, really big spider.  It looked like the bird killing spiders you sometimes see on those nature shows.

The spider had spun its web between my chimney and the house, just under my shrubbery.  Anyway, it was outside minding its own business so I went back inside, my granddaughter hot on my heels.  “I can kill it for you,” she said, eager to let me know she wasn’t a bit squeamish.

“No,” I told her.  “The spider is doing a good job of eating bugs that feast on my plants.”

There’s a lot of vermin in this fallen, natural world, but God has provided vermin eaters to keep the numbers down.  Without them we’d be overrun with pests.

In Mark 9:40, Jesus tells His disciples, “He who is not against us is on our side.”  We should certainly use that truth to access human behavior, but I think it applies to spiders as well.  Leave them alone.  They’re on our side.

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