The Mars Landing

How exciting that the latest mission to Mars was a success.  I remember the first rover that landed on the red planet.  There was really nothing to see but red dust and rocks, but I was fascinated all the same, and followed the little robot’s every move as it left tracks in the dust of a landscape that was desolate but beautiful.

This latest upgraded version is the size of a small car and, we’re told, can do much more complicated experiments.  The main purpose of these explorations is to find out if Mars once had water, that being essential to life.

I suspect that the real purpose of these missions is to show that Earth isn’t the only planet to support life, and that will somehow prove the theory that life could spontaneously appear.  Perhaps they’re just searching for the truth as all good scientists do, but I think they just want to find something to discredit God.

They’ll never be able to discredit God, however.  Even if the evidence of water on Mars is found, I know it was God who put it there.  Even if they find millions of other planets with physical life, God put the planets there, along with life.

We Christians don’t know the mysteries of the universe, but we do know nothing came into existence without the Creator.

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