Salty Senior, Olympics

Here I am launching my platform and just yesterday, I didn’t know what a internet platform was.  I’m finishing writing my first Christian historical romance, and was told if I wanted to see it published, I’d have to have a platform.

A platform is something that holds you up.  A politician’s platform is what he or she espouses and wants others to follow, just like the platform of a person or faith is his or her beliefs.  My platform of faith is Jesus.  A platform can also be a place to jump off from.  My favorite sport in the Olympics is platform diving, and not just because I enjoy seeing young men in speedos.

At the end of the preliminaries in platform diving at the recently ended Olympics, the two Americans were interviewed, and one of them said something that changed my prospective.  I don’t remember his exact words, but the jest of it was that if he won, it would be to God’s glory, but if he didn’t, that was OK too.  That thought gave me the courage to jump off my platform.  If I succeed, it’ll be to God’s glory, and if I don’t, it’ll still be to His glory.

Incidentally, the American that won the Gold was David Boudia who came from eighteenth in the preliminaries.  His last dive was the most exciting I’ve ever seen.  The other American was Nicholas McCrory who came in near the top too, though didn’t metal.  I’m sorry I can’t remember which one mentioned God, but it doesn’t matter.  I got the message.

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